Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Morning - Cold and Crisp and Fresh

I am late today with my blog, been out having my eye progress assessed by the Doc. He is happy, says I heal fast - bruises will be all gone in 4 or 5 days and swelling not very noticable. OK, so a pic for those of you who are wondering how bad it is. If you are just joining my blog, it was much, much worse even 3 or 4 days ago. My cheeks and jaw are still a little bit swollen, but I am well on my way to recovery. Doctor also said I could lose as many pillows as I like! Hurrah! I get to sleep lying down tonight. But still on my back. :( I have to wait until the 2 week mark to sleep on my side.

The bit of trivia for this morning is the new word "bromance". I like to keep up on pop culture and this term has now been coined to describe the friendship we see among 20 something guys whose motto is "Bros before Hos"... (I don't think they actually mean Hos but are making a statement about women in general and were looking for a rhyming word with Bro.) Apparently guys now have a whole new phase inserted into their growing up years. After being an adolescent then a teenager they do not now move directly into adulthood. No, after they finish school they move back home (or stay there if they never left) and enter into "guyland". Guyland is a decade which comes in the 20s and as todays socialogists are noting, rather than doing the 5 items that mark adulthood (moving from home, getting a job, getting married ,and starting a family - hmm, I forget the last one) they have a decade of guy frathood where guy things and guy friends rein supreme. Apparently there is no limit on how long "guyland" can last.
I am sure this information is casting great fear into parents who are hoping their man sons will please move out and become an adult. Come to think of it I know one guy who has managed to stay in guyland into his 50s. He has managed to convince quite a number of "women of the season, year or decade" to accept his peter pan needs and let him pretend to be in guyland. Apparently it depends on the women they meet and finding one that manages to tame the stallion instinct. Today's information was garnered from today's broadcast CBC Q program. They interviewed Guyland author Michael Kimmel.
So what is "bromance"? While us ladies find close friendships between women of the same sex neither remarkable nor threatening to our sexuality apparently not the same can be said for men. Now that there is a decade of "hanging with the homies", we now need a label for the best buddies who are inseparable in guyland. In order to ensure that the straight buddies who hang together are not confused as part of a the gay couple they need a word to describe the friendship. The urban dictionary defines Bromance as "the inseparable relationship between two or more heterosexual, often action-sports-participating, males. similar to the "hetero-life-mate", but based more on surf/skate/snow participation, party attendance and constant exchange of myspace comments and instant messages. ... "after a full night of sessioning street rails and drinking, dave and brian's bro-mance appears to be in full bloom."
To change the topic, it seems we are being plunged into a January deep freeze. There were neat smoke plummes rising up from the buildings to the east and the lake on the east. A photo I took today at around 7:30 this morning: The sun was just coming up but the sky was clear. It is noon now and it has changed, some snow flurries which turns my view into a uniform grey canvas, ready for the next portrait depending on the weather yet to come. The weather forecast said -30 with the windchill, but just now the weather guy admitted that there was no wind. So I guess it is more like -13 which is the predicted high of the day. If there is no wind and you dress for the temp I'd say a it's a good day for a walk.
What else is on tap for today? I think it is chore day. I have some book keeping to do and a cleanup in the kitchen is in order. Will try and get back at that other extra blog I promised yesterday and started but did not finish. Maybe today it will appear.

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  1. Hi there Peggy!! Greetings from Abbotsford BC!!
    Love reading your blog. Good for you to tackle such a resolution!! Glad to see the eyes are healing very well.
    Take good care. Denis and Margaret


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