Monday, January 19, 2009

Back at the Coal Mine...

Well, not exactly the coal mine - my job is pretty cool. And I am experienced enough (and old enough) to be confident in what I am doing and not to stress out. I do my best and that is usually good enough. However, no matter how much I like what I do it would still be preferable to not have to work to pay the bills. But that will come in time - it is called retirement. Sadly, given the state of the stock market probably not until after I am 60 though. :(

So, started back today after 5 weeks off. I couldn't believe how 5 weeks could go so fast. But working sure drains the hours from the day and the cycles from the brain. Here it is nearly 8 p.m. and I am just starting my blog. Multitasking as it were - watching House on TV and writing the blog. I don't watch a lot of TV and resent the time spent watching mindless TV... but sometimes mindless TV provides a good background.

Today (for those of you not tuning into tonight's news) is officially the most depressing day of the year. Wow - someone actually tallys these things and makes the official prognastication that there will be not be any more depressing day worse than this one for a whole year. If that is true it is great news! Those of us who make it through the day can happily look to the rest of the year for better spirits than we felt today. Actually one would think their logic is not flawed - a good couple of months of winter left, short and dark days, Christmas bills coming in and New Year's resolutions falling by the way side left, right and centre. But not to dispute with experts, it is my understanding that the spring time is the peak time for suicide attempts - something about the hopeless being despondent because, othey don't start to feel happy when flowers start to bllom. But no matter, it makes interesting news and might perk up a few foks to realize that they are not alone feeling a bit blue.

I went out to my Documentary Film Group last night and we saw a film about the life of Barack Obama - "The Man and His Journey" and a few of his speeches in the DVD "The Power of Change". Wow what Disney movie did they pull this man out of? I knew he was special but did not appreciate what everyone was so excited about.
Aside from the historical significance, as the first black President of the US, which in itself should not be understated, the man is almost unbelievable. His life to date is remarkable in the true sense of the word. I haven't time to go on about the things in his life which has shaped him and makes me believe that he is pretty special but instead will suggest that you rent the movie (surely they must be carrying it at Block Busters) because you will be amazed.

The message he conveys and his goals for his achievement as President of our southerly nation, were delivered in the speeches I have seen with both humility and confidence. His message for a need for reform and improvement indicate that the man has integrity and compassion. The man is truely an inspiring visionary. Adjectives such as authentic, driven, idealistic and tremendously intelligent are not out of line, IMO.

It is also hard to believe that he has found time to write two books - one of them an autobiography he wrote when he was 26! Most politicians write their memoirs after they finish in politics - not Obama. To find out more about the two books he has written go to:

Regardless of what Obama is able to achieve once he is in power, one cannot discount how he is bringing out the best parts of the American people simply by providing them hope and inspiration. If he is half the man he seems to be he is probably better equipped to make a difference and to improve the circumstance of the American people more than any other President in recent history.

This momentus historical event brings us a message that all dreams come true with hard work, dedication (and I would add: righteousness of purpose). He is the man of 2009, no doubt. The world is gripped in Obama-mania and I am right there with everyone else.

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