Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday - Work or Play?

Today must be a quick post. While I write my blog I have to decide whether I get ready and go up Dusk Approaches Looking East from My Bedroom Windownorth and visit with friends or get at that bookkeeping I have been ignoring. If I can get into the bookkeeping that would be best - I can go up north tomorrow morning and stay just one night. Either option requires me to get moving and get at it in short order. First will make some breakfast - fried eggs I think. I have a running contest with myself to see how well I can flip eggs without an egg turner. You know, the way chefs do - with a flick of the wrist when holding the frying pan, if you have a stick free frying pan - the eggs will jump up in the frying pan and turn over. Ok, little things occupy little minds. But how many of you guys can flip eggs with a flick of your wrist and no spatula?

Some more pictures and I promise the last of the "bedroom window" series. The pictures don't do it real justice anyway. Just Before Dark looking east from my bedroom windowSuffice to say that my view is a source of inspiration and the view seduces my eyes in its direction a lot. You have seen a pretty representative sample of winter time pictures now. I will wait until the lake turns bright blue in the middle of summer to bring you another set of photos.

Another sunny day but the cold is making everyone a bit weary. I did go out and listen to Greg Wyard. He is pretty good and plays every Thurs night at my local pub, Brazen Head Irish Pub. He also plays every Tue night at Fionn MacCool's Irish Pub. No, he does not play Irish Rover's music but covers of a lot of stuff I like and some of his own as well. He is an incredible guitar player and has a great voice. You can get a feel for his music on You Tube.

If you like his music he does an amazing cover on this You Tube: Amazing Must see! The Who cover "Baba O'Riley" ... There is also a You Tube of his City TV Breakfast Television program promoting his CD.

And the best news is that I don't look too rough any more. See for yourself in this latest Day 8 and stepping out(with a bit of coverup makeup over the last bit of redness and bruising). I am still quite an unfinished product - my eyes are red and swollen (looks like I was out on a bender last night), but at least I don't look like I have been in a bar fight. So I sat on my own and had a beer and tried unsuccessfully to get my iPhone to download internet news pages to read (don't know what was with that - I was able to use other internet accessing applications). I gave up and just sat and listened to the music.

Got home in time to catch the evening news and hear about the massive power outage in the City. Glad it didn't extend all the way down to my place. Given the temps it would be damn cold waking up this morning. They don't expect the power to come back on for the most of the folks until 10 p.m. tonight. Not a fun way to spend 24 hours.

The other item to be seen out of my bedroom window, aside from the awsome view, is my birds eye view of "The Hole".The Hole - looking at my to be built Liberty Towers Condo Actually in about 2 years "The Hole" will be converted to a set of condo apartment towers and I have bought one on the 19th floor of the western most building - facing west. At least they hold my downpayment and I get to pay them the rest of purchase price once they have it finished - probably early 2011. I bought that condo 2 years ago and it was originally supposed to be finished late 2008. HA!! So when I sold my house I bought this condo, "Battery Park", one block north of it, to live in until the other one is ready. I guess I will flip one of the two when the time comes. In the meantime, I get to watch what is happening in "The Hole". Right now they are just starting to pour concrete at the bottom of what will be the lowest parking level. Incidently, you can also see the Toronto Island Airport and the train tracks in this view - my window shows me planes, trains and automobiles!

Anyway, I can now check off "Blog Done" on my Daily To Do List. Next, I need to see if I can get fired up about the book keeping which is calling my name!

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