Saturday, January 17, 2009

Out in the Country

Trying out my new blogging app on my iPhone. It is a bit limited in functionality (e.g. Only one pic can be uploaded) but it will probably work for small posts and help me keep my resolution of one blog per day. Doesn't let me write sideways with a wide keyboard though, so won't be writing a whole lot this way.

Drove up last night and the roads were great. Arrived just in time for dinner. Spent the evening drinking wine and chatting.

It is wonderful up here. Barb and John are dear high school friends I have kept in touch with over the years - in fact we spent all our high school years as friends. John is a builder and he built the home they live in. It is mostly finished at this point. It is about 20 minutes south west of Collingwood in Grey County, I'm the highlands of the Niagara Escarpment. Set well back from the quiet country road, farms across and beside the 50 acre parcel of land upon it sits.

"Gopher Broke Farm" is what they call the place. It is by far the biggest and best of the houses John has built, I think. Set in amongst the trees, it offers the senses a respite forum the business of life and immerses the soul in peace and tranquility.

There is a beaver pond at the back of the property and Barb and John have cut a trail through the bush to that pond and around the property. Great for walking in summer but even more magical for snow shoeing in winter. I will take some pictures when I am out today and add them to this post when I get back to the City and Internet tomorrow.

Add to the wonderful ambiance of this winter getaway are some great like minded friends, my dear friends, who are like family, and so I have my perfect getaway.

So I am not going to spend more time blogging today.

Will take some pics when I go out snowshoeing today and add them to the blog when I get back to the city and Internet.

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