Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Outdoor Room

My balcony furniture arrived! I am so happy to be able to lounge out on the balcony now, comfy and with feet up!

The condo corp has to do some balcony repairs on the far side of the balcony. The high winds of a month ago loosened a few pieces above which are now held with ropes tied to my balcony railing. Once they repair that then I will move the chaise over to the other side and put a small bistro style table for two where the chaise is now. I also bought a number of hurricane lamps (for candles) so that I can sit out on hot nights with candlelight ambiance. I am up high and sometimes it is windy - so hurricane lamps won't be bothered by the wind.

I can't wait until next weekend when I can hunker down there on Saturday morning, laptop in lap and coffee in hand, reading and watching all the sailboats.

There are dozens of sailboats out on the lake in good weather and they make for interesting viewing. I snapped a few pics of the sailboats. One is my view of Toronto's inner harbour, which is to my south east, another is of a tall ship coming out of the channel from the harbour into the Lake proper and the third is Lake Ontario shore in my south west view. You can see our soccer stadium, where Toronto's FC play every week in the foreground.

This picture shows the stadium when full of soccer fans and a game is in progress. I can hear the cheers each time a goal is scored!


  1. You DO live in a great place! I like your new balcony furniture.

  2. I am not a soccer fan, in fact I am not your usual South African sports fanatic when it comes to any sport, yet I cannot help being excited about the World Cup being played here next year. I wonder if Canada will be playing. If you know, please let me know. Wish I had the beautiful view you have.


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