Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainy Saturday

I woke early this morning to the sound of rain on my windows. I quickly realized, such a happy thought, that it was before dawn and a Saturday and I was able to go back to sleep. It was a good day to have a bit of a sleep in. Especially since I had been so mentally exhausted the night before.

The week had been a tough one. I had my share of “foot in mouth” incidents, misunderstandings causing a bit of a tiz waz, and a personal item which way weighing heavy on my mind. For the 2nd time, I failed to have Bella locked up in the other bedroom when the maintenance guy needed to access my apartment to service the coil fan equipment. I had actually barred her in the 2nd bedroom with a board - the same one I used to keep her and the cat separate when Laura was living with me - but somehow she is now able to jump over it. So she was out when they came and they left me a nasty note. :(

More importantly, I started a new project this week. I work as an IT Project Manager and starting a new project is a little like starting a new job but I am the boss so it is a little more like starting a new company – lots to learn, do and get organized – in short stressful and mentally exhausting.

Not bad stressful, just brain stretching stressful. I also have another project to manage at the same company, so there is also the juggling between the two to work out. A little like when a juggler adds another ball to the two being juggled – the first few throws are more likely to mess up rather than later after the rhythm is established. So it was a hard week. The next few weeks probably will be nearly as difficult, but after that it will be ok. I do enjoy my work.

I woke just after 9 feeling refreshed and happy. It was just drizzling and not unreasonably cool - lucky us! I heard on the news just now that in North Bay it is snowing ! Foreign folks - that is a 3-4 hour drive north of Toronto! Too close to home for me! So I set out to do some shopping.

I am very excited to say that I went out this morning and bought a balcony seating set. The two pieces tie together and form a nice comfy seat for two or I can sit sideways and use it as a lounger. Perfect. I also bought some wireless speakers so I can have music out on the balcony. Going to Ikea this afternoon for a bunch more cushions and to find a small side table. I also picked up an outdoor bamboo carpet to finish the look of the place.

I have a notion (will need to check if this is allowed) to put up some sheer and billowy curtains to cut the harsh afternoon sunlight. A few plants and candles and my outdoor room will be picture perfect. The patio chairs are being delivered on Tuesday night. I will then be fully ready for some hot summer nights out on the balcony!

I also went to pick up the painting I had in being framed. I had bought the piece when I went on the cruise. One stop was the island of Labadee off Hati and there was a Haitian market which sold all sorts of wood carvings and the such and art pieces billed as locally crafted. I had the canvas block mounted on a frame and it now hangs in my bedroom. It is bright and happy - a wonderful tropical theme. Supposed to be the tomatoe harvest, although I can't imagine that there is actuallly such a large field of tomatoes to be harvested in Haiti as depicted in the picture! Makes me imagine that perhaps this local art is imported from Africa by the look of it and perhaps the harvest is not tomatoes!

As for my bedroom, the next step (sometime in the coming weeks) is to paint it and find some suitable window coverings to finish off the room.

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