Monday, May 11, 2009

Playing for Change

Friday morning I heard an interesting snippet on the radio. If you go to You Tube and search “Playing for Change” you will be able to hear one of the songs featured on the Playing for Change Documentary.

Playing for Change is a “multimedia movement” created to inspire, connect and unite the world. It is an extraordinary effort to produce a collaborative effort with musicians and vocalists from diverse parts of the globe, while at the same time seeking to immerse the listening audience in a memorable experience to inspire and connect and bring peace to the world through music. In the spirit of “Music Monday” (From last week) and to use a Martha Stewartism – this is a good thing.

The concept is that the songs are recorded by musicians from all over the world, but in a unique and different way. The producers have a mobile recording studio that enables the producers to capture musicians in their home turf – under the sun, on the streets and in pueblos and huts… in short wherever there are musicians. They musicians are really playing together, although they are recorded at different times and in different locations. The producers give the vocalists and musicians head phones which allow each performer to hear the tracks laid down by previous performers so in the CD/DVD they seem to be singing together. The videography is also amazing because of the locations where the recording takes place. The whole effect is very moving and inspiring.

There is also a “give back to the community” component to this project. The Playing for Peace Corporate Foundation was created to assist the musicians and the communities who have made Play for Change possible.

Playing for change began ten years ago and was the brain child of Music producer and engineer Mark Johnson. Here is a clip from the documentary film, but you first should see the first Playing for Change song, Stand by Me

Have a listen to some of the Playing for Change songs which are on You Tube. I bet one or two of you will choose to visit the site and buy one of the 2 DVDs which are now available. Stand by Me was the first song produced and it epitomizes what Playing for Change is all about.

This one is my favourite. War/No More Trouble is full of amazing guitar and percussion and also features Bono.

Listen to other Playing for Change songs.
To get all the details and to buy the CD/DVD go here.

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