Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

I woke up this morning thinking about how different days can be when placed one beside the other. It has been so rainy this week and today I woke up to sunshine streaming through my window. One day grey, the next bright and cheery.

Moods are like that too. While I can with all honesty say I am not a moody person, for all of us, moods change. Some days we feel hopeful, the next we feel, well, maybe not so much.

This week, mostly, I have felt energized and busy and productive, although I have many weeks where I am not as happy with any of those aspects of my life. Having said that, the evenings have found me to be a bit uncertain about the path that I am traveling and a yearning for what I am thinking I will not have.

I don't follow astrology but do sometimes check the horoscopes. I think there is more to things than meet the eye, and I do not discount anything as a possibility. So I peak at them more to see if they confirm something happening or contradict it.

Interestingly, I happened to look on Friday and found this (Thanks to the Toronto Star):

Friday May 29th:
Thought for the Day: If you are feeling depressed, tearful and nostalgic, you are undoubtedly being afflicted by Neptune's power in a very vulnerable area of your birth chart. This is a hard cycle, but it is one that will start easing in the coming days, weeks and months.

My specific (Leo) forecast:
If you live to be a 100, you will have spent more than 30 years asleep. Sleep is important to us all. So too is happiness, though it is harder to quantify. Grab some today because, despite your fears and your concerns, happiness is now available.

I wasn't sure if it was sleep I was to grab or the happiness. I decided to go for a bit of early evening happiness by visiting my daughter at the bar that she works at but also to head home in time to hit the sack a bit early.

I thought I might as well check the previous day as this mood has been with me all week.

Thursday May 28th:
The stormy events of the past few weeks have left you wondering whether the sky is going to fall on your head. Your high sensitivity picks up the slightest cosmic vibrations, but the celestial firmament looks secure.
Interestingly enough, the stars are a good enough excuse for my apprehensive nature this week!

Saturday May 30th:
Thought for the Day: This is the final day of Mercury's retrograde cycle. Hold off from making any final decisions for a few days if at all possible, unless you really feel lucky. Glitches in transportation, communications and technology are highly probable.

My specific (Leo) forecast:
Be careful whose opinions you listen to. And watch whose gloomy comments you take seriously. In your heart, a little voice keeps saying, "Everything will be all right." And, indeed, it will. Mars will deliver power in an area where you need it most.

So I guess I should just hunker down, stay home today and wait until tomorrow, when apparently the fog will lift and my mood will again be optimistic very soon.

Hmm, another thought, I have an appointment to see my accountant this afternoon (Saturday). Should I or should I not listen to her advice? I have decided not to worry about a tax audit, as undoubtably my accountant will advise that I risk if I claim so many restaurant expenses over the year - happiness has it's price!

If you want to check out your horoscope and see if this "final day of Mercury's retrograde cycle" has affected your outlook this week go here to see the Toronto Star Horoscope by Phil Booth.

The song "What a Difference a Day Makes" is a great song to accompany this blog theme:


  1. How funny - I've been feeling the same way on and off the past week or so, going between energized and motivated and just feeling kind of down (and I've been so busy with work that I haven't had the energy to blog), and just now feel like I'm almost out of it. In my case I felt like it was mostly a bit of cabin fever (it's 100 degrees out every day now) and restlessness, but that horoscope is oddly accurate. I guess we both really are Leos, huh?

    In other news, I've booked my flight up there for August - August 3rd to 10th. I'm really looking forward to seeing you all! :)

  2. I liked your post a lot because it rings many bells with me, too. When I relocated to the UK from Cuba people always asked me if I did not miss the wamr Cuban weather and I always responded that I did but that I preferred to have four distinctive seasons. Your post proves that, there's no better feeling than seeing the spring blossoms after a harsh winter. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.


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