Friday, June 5, 2009

Get Set for Lots to Do! Luminato Events Abound!

On Saturday Toronto will try to get into the record book for the greatest number of guitar players assembled and playing a tune together. The voting concluded last weekend for the tune selected to play, out of the nominated 10 best Canadian Guitar tunes, and the winning number was Neil Young's tune "Helpless". Competition was fierce between the tunes and Neil Young won out. Personally, I have to agree with my son Eric that Taking Care of Business by BTO would have been better...

Those of you who are within traveling distance of Toronto and who own a guitar should go here to get the tablature and instructions. You should probably spend a few minutes practicing but in any case do arrive with you guitar in hand in advance of the 4 p.m. countdown. Plan to come on down to Dundas Square Saturday late afternoon and join in the fun. In fact, there is so much going on at the Luminato that everyone who is with travelling distance of Toronto should also truck on down. The Guitar event is only one of dozens of events happening as part of Luminato this weekend and next.

Luminato you say?

See here on for my previous blog for an introduction to Luminato and The Great Canadian Guitar Ensemble.

As an update to my previous "heads up" about this major Toronto cultural event, I spent a good long time this last weekend going through the Luminato site and planning all the things I want to see and do during the 2 weeks of Luminato. The Luminato website has a "planner" to help organize yourself about the things you want to see and do, which is very helpful. Once you log in and as you start browsing through the seemingly 100+ events you just need to press a button and the event is put on your planner, which can be printed out at the end of the exercise so you can have your own customized program of events. I just focused on free events and I have 19 events on my planner in the 10 days that the event will be held -and that doesn't count the dancing every night at Dundas Square!

Let me fill you in on my plan for this weekend:
Art installations in the downtown core - for the lunch time on Friday
Randy Bachman concert for Friday night for the opening of Luminato,
Traveling Blues free concert at noon on Saturday
Great Canadian Tune for later in the afternoon
The Redball Project for Sunday

And any free time I have I will be heading over to Dundas Square which features "Light on Your Feet" every single night. Each night in the coming 10 nights they will have a different sort of dancing music featured and everyone is invited to come out and shake a leg. Saturday night is Salsa, Sunday night is country, Monday night is Bollywood and so on. Should be a hoot!

I will fill you in over the next 10 days how I make out at all the events. Should make for good blogging!

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  1. It looks like you will have lots to blog about over the next 10 days. Bob has a guitar. Actually, he has a few guitars. We're within driving distance; however, we are heading in the opposite direction this weekend. We are going south, to Kentucky. I should have lots to blog about too :-)


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