Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mr Something Something are really Something!

Mr Something Something's bicycle powered "Sound Machine":

I heard Mr Something Something for the first time on CBC radio this weekend and was so glad I didn't miss them. They are a fantastic band!

As I have mentioned before, Toronto is such a diverse city that we have a virtual smorgasbord of cultural treats from every corner of the world right here at our doorstep. Even so with music. Toronto is home to many "world music" musicians and more who have undertones of beat and sound from distant countries. Such is Mr Something Something with their afro-jazz beat.

However, this band has quite a bit more than just great music to offer. They combine wonderful energetic music set to an irresistible dance beat with audience participation, social activism and have even reduced the electrical power consumption of their performances through the use of a bicycle powered "sound machine" that the audience is asked to take turns pedaling to keep the sound flowing. They have actually been interviewed on CBC 3 times in the last number of days as their new CD is being released on Tuesday. There is a CD Release party at The Supermarket in the heart of Kensington Market (for my foreign folks that is Kensington Market in Toronto) on Wednesday.

They are also playing probably 15 different clubs across the Toronto GTA this summer. A US tour is planned for the fall. From my reading today, this band has spent a great deal of time overseas and is probably much more appreciated in Europe. This summer is our chance to enjoy them before they go globe trotting to bigger and better things.

I note that they have a gig at the Silver Dollar on June 27th and I will be trying to find a gang of folks who want to join me to get out for a night which will I am sure be fantastic. Anyone care to join?

I quote from their web site:

With their fourth album, Toronto’s Mr. Something Something continue to gain international recognition for their unique blend of Afrobeat, jazz and pop. Their irresistible rhythms and interactive live shows have long served as a vehicle for social justice & environmental activism, and in 2009, the band is taking audience participation to new levels with its SoundCycle - Canada’s first bicycle powered sound system. Power to the people, by the people.

The following 2 You Tube Videos give you a better idea of their sound. Perhaps after you have a listen you might be tempted to pick up their CD. I know I am!

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