Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Balancing

Last weekend while trucking around downtown Toronto, I came across an interesting sight on the Queen Street West Strip. This isn't the first time I have seen someone balancing rocks - there is a guy out in the beach area that does this also. None the less, it absolutely astounds me. Not that rocks will balance one upon another, but that someone can have the patience to sit and do this. LOL

If you look up Rock Balancing in Wiki it says Rock balancing is an art, discipline, and/or hobby depending upon the intent of the practitioner. The key is that with patience and sensitivity, one can find the point at which one rock will sit in equal balance on top of another rock.


  1. I've never seen someone balance rocks; interesting post.

    BTW I met a couple from Toronto at the motorcycle rally that we are attending. I told them that I was following the blog of a lady from Toronto. I guess I say Toronto incorrectly. I pronounce all the syllables, emphasizing the last syllable as "toe". We spent several minutes on correctly pronouncing Toronto.

  2. :) Yes we have a bit of a lazy way of pronouncing our city name. Terahnta (with short a's) is probably a reasonably close phonetic version which used by many locals. Although I might add that there are many people in the city who pronounce it more properly as spelled - Tor-on-toe - including me! :)


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