Monday, June 29, 2009

la porte rouge: Nadia n' aime pas....

I snapped today's pictures while walking Bella today...

Firstly, my progress report on the weekend's effort toward the Novel Project. I am glad to report that I spent my weekend immersed in brainstorming and research. I learned a lot about what might be appropriate for my novel and what would perhaps not work as well. I got knee deep into understanding Dualism theories and how they might apply to the believability of the technical details of "The Idea". I was pleasantly surprised to find exactly what I was looking for to explain the how of what I want to write about.

So much for the rudimentary plot - I have it within grasp. I can let this percolate and work on it and the characters I will need to bring it to fruition over the next week or so.

In Nadia's post of last Tuesday la porte rouge: Nadia n' aime pas.... she started a game of n'aime pas/aime. When I last checked it there were 23 followers who left comments regarding n'aime pas and aime. Of course I spend a quick 4 minutes to compile an "off the top of my head list" and then left my entry:

Peggy n'aime pas:
. grumpy, stupid, ignorant, intolerant, rude or messy people

. razor stubble rubbing on my face while in passionate embrace

. the sound that is made when someone won't admit they need to blow their nose

. crumbs in the bed
. road rage outbursts

. blue cheese

. cheapskates (when it comes time to figure out the tip )

. one way friends (you call them - they never call you or anyone else)

Peggy aime:
. freshly laundered bed linens
. big hello hugs (or for a select few big kiss hellos)

. chocolate in all its forms

. hot summer nights
. happy, silly, funny or intense people

. long walks to anywhere
. eating in bed
. long conversations about stuff
. my dog Bella
. rice pudding
. Saturday morning coffee while lounging in bed

Do you care to play "n'aime pas/aime"? - leave it in a comment...


  1. This was a funny meme. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  2. I believe I will pass on playing the game, Peggy, although I enjoyed reading your remarks.

    Those are terrific photographs. The details and the depth of field are amazing.

    Last but not least, I will bug you periodically if you fail to make regular progress reports on your writing project .... I am the (very) curious type.

  3. I suspected you two gentlemen would decline this game. :) But thanks for the comments none the less.

    Yes, the photos - I was entranced by the various shades of green, the textures and perfect composition created as these weeds danced in the wind. It was to my amazement that the photo replicated what I saw so nicely. I don't think the photo quite does justice to scale - although you are right Fram, depth of field is spectacular. Interestingly, these parachute balls were from no ordinary dandelions as they each measured perhaps 4-5 inches across.

    Lastly, Fram, your enquiries regarding my project are most welcome as it will help me keep focused to know that there is at least one curious soul following my attempt at NaNoWriMo. I will be sure to send out little hints to pique your interest, while still not giving away the farm.


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