Monday, June 8, 2009


I woke up to a treat this morning - no highway noise! This happens maybe a half a dozen times a year. At most, once in the winter, when we are hard hit by a winter snowstorm and then another time or two when the road is closed in summer when they do road maintenance. A few weeks ago it closed because of the Tamil protests, which was quite unusual. Today's closure is an annual event when the road is closed to facilitate the Becel Ride for Heart charity Bike-a-thon to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Fund in Canada. We have a great tradition of closing the highway for walkers, runners and cyclers associated with various charities throughout the year.
I snapped a few pictures of the bikes on the highway and a picture of my favourite breakfast of bacon (the kind known as "Canadian bacon" to Americans), eggs and tomatoes with feta cheese, which I ate while sitting on my balcony watching cyclists go by.

I spent the rest of the day doing the minutia required to grease the wheels of my life and keep everything in order. So now, bills paid, house clean, papers filed, taxes paid and all mail in the in hopper attended to, I can relax for a wee bit...

I might be a bit brief in my blogs this week as I have a lot on my plate (aside from eggs and tomatoes) and do not have a lot of free time.

The book in the photo is Mavis Gallant's Home Truths. It is a book of short stories by this very famous Quebecois Writer who now lives in Paris. Some great writing! Having difficulty in finding time to read it and so far have only ventured as far as the 3rd story. Just need to find more hours in the day to fit in time for reading the growing pile of books, selections I have backlogged for my summer reading. Hmmm, vacation time yet?

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  1. I started listening to "Someone Knows my Name". I thought I would have been able to listen to the story while driving. I found I couldn't concentrate on driving and listening at the same time, so gave up that thought real fast. I haven't gotten too far in the story yet, but I do like what I am hearing.

    Your breakfast looks good. When given the choice at restaurants I'll ask for Canadian bacon at breakfast time.


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