Saturday, June 20, 2009

Morning View

I have just ordered window coverings for my bedroom windows. I have 2 windows in my bedroom and initially I just installed some light blinds which cut the sun a bit, (they have pin holes in them to let some light through) to be used to keep out some of the heat during the hot sunny days. There really is not much of an issue about privacy, since there is limited view into my bedroom from the building beside me and absolutely no privacy from the south. For me, generally, the more light the better. Of course, those blinds were entirely inadequate at night to darken the room from the very bright city night lights.

The new window coverings will arrive in 2 weeks. I will miss waking up to a sunny room. I shall just have to get used to springing out of bed and pulling up the blinds first thing in the morning!

I have gotten used to the lights which shine in at night and the sheer blinds do allow me to wake up with the sun in the morning. I took these photos one morning this week when I woke up. It is a great view to wake up to. At this time of the year the sun comes up poking behind the office buildings and you can see it in this photo. In the winter, at its most southerly point, it rises majestically over the lake to the south-east.

I will admit though, during these long days it does wake me a bit early on the weekends and if I have a late night I have difficulty with a longer lie in. Therefore I decided to take the plunge and buy some room darkening blinds.

Today I did something I haven't done for a few years. I SLEPT IN UNTIL 10:45!!! Normally the sunny windows wake me up and I might add they wake me up in a way I appreciate. Gradually. It doesn't bother me that room is light, I have gotten used to it. None the less I normally don't sleep beyond 7 or so on a weekend, so today is a major departure from routine. It is a rainy, cloudy and dismal morning today - so perhaps the lack of sun coming in the window has something to do with it. Now I am concerned that in a darkened room I might have trouble waking up. We shall see. I may choose only to pull them when I expect to not to have to rise early the next day.

I did stay up rather late last night watching a movie - The Reader. Perhaps that was the reason I over slept. I will for sure need to blog about that as the movie was certainly thought provoking.

I have lots to do this weekend and so, will not probably get back to blogging until Sunday evening. I have some things peculating in my brain and so kind reader, if you will return at that point, I will announce my summer activity - and reasons for a change in my blogging schedule and my major goal for the fall!

I also thought I would share a picture I took of flowers I bought last night. They are plain old chrysanthemums - but 'made up' in rainbow colours. They use dye to obtain these distinctive colours. As I re-cut the stems before placing them in the vase of water I noted that the dye was pretty much squirting out of the stems! They are very colourful, even if they don't come by these colours naturally.


  1. I also love to wake up to sunshine and at least to daylight. At present it is still pitch dark when I have to get up at 05:00 on weekday mornings... thank goodness for tomorrow, 21 June... now I can start looking forward to the sun rising a bit earlier every day.

    I have notices the tower in the background in many of your photos. What tower is it?

  2. You do have a great view, no doubt, Peggy.

    I am fortunate (or whatever) in the sense that I can sleep anywhere, anytime, in any shade of darkness or any degree of light, in any temperature (with the proper gear), in just about any position and upon just about any surface. Much of this comes from having been an avid camper since I was a young boy, and having exhaustion frequently been a factor in gaining my sleep habits or patterns.

    My only problem is making myself go to bed when exhaustion is not a factor.

    Good luck, with adjusting to the new curtains.

  3. Yes, the view...
    HKoH, it is interesting to be sharing notes in such an (almost) interactive way with you. Of course it is your "winter" (although this word is wrong since your climate is temperate, I mean it is the sense of the short day season) and as such our longest day is your shortest day - ying and yang so to speak...
    The tower to the east is Toronto's CN Tower, so named for our National Railway System, the Canadian National Railway, as it rises over the railway lands. It was the world's tallest freestanding structure when it was built in 1975 and held that record for 31 years. It is now surpassed by a tower in Dubai. Wiki says "it is the signature icon of Toronto's skyline, and a symbol of Canada".

    Fram, funny how some of us never have any trouble sleeping... I hear you in your comment regarding sleeping when exhaustion is not a factor. I resent the time I have to sleep - would much rather be doing other things, however I know I function best on 7 hours sleep so must make myself hit the sack on work nights by 11.


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