Saturday, June 13, 2009

Patio at Night - Feathering my Nest

Last night was the first summer night warm enough to sit outside on my patio in shirtsleeves - no sweater or jacket! Fortunately, my balcony had been repaired this week and I have the use of the full length of it now. We had several very bad wind storms in the winter/early spring and the repairs to the balcony had been pending - hence the rope seen in some of the pictures I had previously taken of my balcony. But no more.

It was a wonderfully warm night as I strolled home from work - finally it is the weekend! I decided to go see my daughter on the way home and stopped at the Dog's Balls bar for a beer and a visit. Laura is working at that bar whilst she gets through University. It isn't a busy after work bar, so I can visit with her for a bit while I drink my beer. She will be going back to University next September but she chooses to continue supporting herself and living on her own (actually, with a couple of girlfriends) and we needed to discuss logistics and how her course selections were coming. It was a nice visit.

When I got home it was just coming on dark but wonderfully, the weather was still warm and the threatening skys of a few hours earlier had not delivered its payload, but instead had moved on.

I sat on my balcony reveling in the lights of the city to the east, deep in thought, soaking up the ambiance. Our downtown night skyline is a pretty sight but of course you cannot appreciate really with the amateur photos I take. My new patio "couch" with all the cushions is really comfy and I can cosy up in it with my feet up.

I had my candle lanterns lit and music playing and let the stress of my wickedly busy work week seep out of my bones. I will be spending lots of time on my balcony this summer - lets hope that our Toronto weather cooperates and gives us a good couple of months of warmth.

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Taking about weather cooperating, I was dismayed this morning to see that the weather forecast says that there is a chance of rain showers today. This is the last weekend of Luminata and there are dozens of outdoor events all weekend. I am planning to get to the Brazilian Guitar Festival in our Yorkville area this afternoon and then down to Harbourfront to the Cirque Du Soleil event this evening and on Sunday. I hope the weather cooperates!


  1. What a beautiful view you have from your balcony. That nighttime photograph is very, very pretty.

    We have a pavilion in our back yard. We hope to spend many summer evenings lounging on our pavilion.

  2. I think if I were living where you live, Peggy, my eyes would be fixed on the expanse of open water and dreaming of the next time I would be on it.

    The "big city" life has all the advantages with entertainment and cultural events, but the "big water" is like a home to me.

    You do have a great view, and your photographs are perfect. May you have weather-luck for all your summer evenings.

  3. You are right Fram, my Lake Ontario view is the most special of the visual treats which I experience as I sit on my balcony, although the Toronto Skyline at night is pretty nice also.

    One really can't appreciate my Lake view from photos, it just doesn't do it justice. I have just now taken 5 pictures to capture the full extent of the 180 degree view of Lake that I have. I will try to put it together in a panorama for a future blog.

    As I have said in past blogs, I consider myself blessed to be where I am.

  4. Lovely and relaxing post even though I am just taking a break from work. I love your balcony. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.


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