Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Open Gardens Program

This week I came across another interesting Toronto City event. The Open Gardens Toronto event is a 3 season program, from May to October, which has been modeled on the British National Gardens Scheme (known as “NGS”). The British event has been held since 1927 raising money for charities by opening private gardens to the public.

This is the first year that a similarly themed program will be running in Toronto. There are 24 Gardens being opened to the public on various week day evenings May through July and weekend afternoons in September and October. There are 6-10 dates each month where specific locations are open and hosted by the gardener/owners. The intent is that the visitors can chat with the owners and discuss the gardens that are being viewed.

There are several events next week and I am going to try to get out to at least the one being held on Thursday night. I will definitely be buying a seasons ticket. Actually, I will be buying a few tickets as it would make a great gift to my gardening happy friends!

To see a complete list of the dates and garden addresses included go here to the Open Gardens Toronto web site.

It is being organized by the Canadian Women’s foundation. The fees collected at the events ($25 for a seasons pass, $4 for a visit) will provide funds for the Foundation’s charities which are dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls through focus on 3 areas:
Ending violence against women
Moving low-income women out of poverty
Building resiliency in girls.

You can find out more here at the Canadian Women’s Foundation web site.

There is also a similarly themed event running in Bruce County, near my Collingwood "Shangri-La". Will have to check it out over the summer as well.

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