Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great Canadian Tune and Sunday Chores

I am just putting out a teeny tiny blog this morning with hopes that I will have time to supplement later today. You see, I am finding that my blog writing and blog reading and blog commenting is taking over far more of my personal life than it should. One must attend to the things in life that keep us afloat. So today I must conquer my To Do list before I spend time in the blogsphere.

Yesterday was a glorious summer day. I had my coffee on the balcony and at 8:00 AM it was warm enough to be out there in pjs -no jacket... cozied on my lounge chair... curled up with laptop in lap reading blogs. That did in the morning then I was off to Luminata events and most notably the Great Canadian Tune and Toronto's attempt to make the Guiness Book of Records for the worlds largest guitar ensemble. Sadly, with only 1623 registered guitarists we did not get enough folks out to beat the record of 1802. Everyone had a great time and I will put together a blog on my Toronto site to recount the event. I put together a panarama of the scene , to show the crowd paying homage to the band who were entertaining us by waving guitars in the air (reminiscent of the old cigarette lighters in the air at a concert of old). It was quite the scene!

I found out, listening to the welcoming speeches at the guitar thing, that Luminato is the 3rd largest cultural event in the world. I can believe it. So far, my only complaint about the Events is that there are too many of them. It just isn't possible to experience all the events one would like.

Anyway, got to get up and at 'em!

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  1. I hear you about blogging taking up a good deal of your personal time!

    I like the guitar-waving photograph!


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